The Story of the “Island Rose”

Hernando Beach Sunset Dinner Cruise

The “Island Rose” was manufactured in Florida as a custom build named the “Sam Magee” for an outfit out of Fairbanks, Alaska.

The vessel was operated on a river there for a time.

A few years later the vessel was transported back down South to Florida where it was sold and renamed the “Southern Belle”.

The vessel was unused for an extended period of time.

Here is where we came into the picture…

Back in 2013, we had been speaking with a friend of ours, who happened to be a realtor here in Hernando Beach, FL about what would be a good business to bring to this area, and our 5 year old daughter “Marina Rose”, spoke up and said “lets take people out on the boat and show them a good time.”

So we began the search for a vessel that would be appropriate for this area.

God led us to the “Southern Belle”.

After the logistics, the restoration of the vessel began with the help of many friends along the way and many obstacles to overcome.

By the grace of God, here we are, with our lifetime passion for pleasure boating, and sunsets, with a desire to share with others the joy of being out on the water.

Our motto goes back to Marina’s statement “Lets take people out on the boat and show them a good time.” That is the Marina Rose Experience!

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